Finding the Right Realtor Who Understands Beach Homes

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Whether you want to build your own beach home on a plot of sandy land or if you are looking to purchase a beach home that is already standing, finding the right realtor who understands beach properties is essential. Working together with a realtor who specializes in beach homes and properties is a way to know you are truly getting the land you want at the best price possible. When you begin searching for the right realtor there Read the rest of this entry »


Renting versus Owning Ocean Front Property

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Are the waves of the ocean calling your name? If you don’t want to stay in a hotel every time you visit the beach, there are other options. Owning a beach house is a little different than renting a beach house. If you plan on staying at the beach for the majority of the year, then owning a house would be the best idea. Look online or through local newspaper to see if there are any Read the rest of this entry »


Ensuring Your Ocean Front Home Is Properly Insured

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Living alongside the ocean is a sensational experience. The beautiful views and temperate ocean breeze are just two of the many benefits a home seated on the oceanfront can provide. Unfortunately, oceanfront homes are also at high risk of damage from the elements. For this reason, it is vitally important to ensure that your property is properly insured against such problems. This will help allow you to recoup your losses in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Hurricanes and flooding are two risks often posed to oceanfront property. Depending on various Read the rest of this entry »


Benefits of Owning a Home on the Ocean

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When it comes to deciding on a location in which to purchase a home, there is simply no better choice than going with ocean-front real estate. After all, living on or near the ocean offers many benefits for just about anybody.

For starters, having beach front property is a huge advantage for those who enjoy spending time near the water or on the beach. In this sense, it is great for sunbathers, swimmers, surfers, boaters, and children. After all, what could possibly beat spending a day building sandcastles and relaxing by the water?

Not to mention, if Read the rest of this entry »


Top Ocean Front Realty Spots in the United States

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Buying a beautiful ocean front home has a number of benefits, but there are also a few disadvantages that you should know about as well. One major benefit to owning an ocean front property would simply be the views you get while living there. The main disadvantage is that storms will hit you harder than a home that happens to be more in the mainland area. Taking these two things into consideration will help when you are trying to decide on the perfect home that is going to fit your family’s needs quite well.

As always, you Read the rest of this entry »


The Best Ocean Front Realty in the World

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Ocean front properties are widely popular among people that are looking to purchase a new home. If you’re looking for quality ocean front real estate and can afford the price tag, check out the following communities:

Belvedere, New-York Home Security, California

Belvedere, California is a community comprised of mainly high-end real estate properties. The majority of the homes located in this area were built with views of the San Francisco Bay. One five bedroom, 9,000 square foot home is currently listed at over $27 million.

While the price tag may be high, the year around views of the bay and downtown San Francisco are well worth it.

Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Kiawah Island is a small, hidden community located off the coast of South Carolina. Many well-off retirees come here to relax and unwind in their golden years and with good reason. The beautiful sunsets and views of the Atlantic Ocean are hard to beat.

The average price for homes on this island is $5 million, with some properties selling for more than $10 million.

Kaanapali Beach, Hawaii

This list wouldn’t be complete without a Hawaiian community.

Kaanapali Beach is located on Maui. Homes in this community feature oceanfront views, private beaches and a variety of upscale amenities that anyone would enjoy. One home here recently sold for over $16 million.